Whoa! 20 new pieces for Burien Arts Vision 20/20

My wonderful community of friends includes Lance & Laurie Haslund who recommended me to John Unbehend, the organizer of this year’s Burien Arts fundraiser Vision 20/20. I became one of 20 artists asked… Continue reading

Me and the Big Tree

I decided to create a Tyvek piece to display at my workplace (part of a monthly display of art and photography from those who work at my company). I wanted a piece that… Continue reading

Winter doldrums call for color

Black Tyvek is wonderful for lines and contour; white Tyvek is wonderful to paint and color. It’s water-resistant so if painted with water-based medium the color dries onto the surface. I then  cover… Continue reading

Fall into new themes

I love Fall because the return of the Seattle rain gives me the best excuse for staying in, loading up a grade-B disaster movie and breaking out a fresh untouched piece of Tyvek.… Continue reading

Walk around an exhibit

Last August, myself and oil painter Sheryl Westergreen hung our artwork at Seattle Real Estate Associates in West Seattle. Dick Worthington and D.Lisa West, our esteemed host and curator, asked us to be… Continue reading

Small pleasures

    As part of my prep for last weekend’s Uptown Stroll art fair, I made a series of small, almost postcard size Tyvek paper cuttings. Very interesting to take my larger motifs… Continue reading


Tyvek, made from polypropelene, has no grain. So when it comes to paper cutting this means an Xacto blade can sail through the paper like a hot knife through butter. Okay, not quite… Continue reading

Oh what a knife can do

When doing Tyvek paper cutting I change blades on my Xacto knife after 10-12 hours of cutting. When I put a new blade in I immediately notice the difference, the lightness and ease,… Continue reading